Facts About Alzheimer’s Disease

  • More than 70,000 people have dementia in Norway at present.
  • About 60 per cent of these people suffer from Alzheimer’s disease.
  • Dementia occurs from the age of 30. About 1.500 people in Norway have been diagnosed with dementia before the age of 65.
  • Counting close family at least 280,000 people are affected by dementia in Norway. With relatives, friends and neighbours the number is much higher.
  • The number of people with dementia disorders is increasing and will probably double by 2040.

Typical symptoms of Alzheimer’s:

  • Memory loss and diminishing ability to orient onself
  • Agnosia: Diminished written and spoken language abilities
  • Apraxia: Diminishing ability to interpret and recognise visual and verbal impressions
  • Reduced mobility e.i ability to perform everyday tasks and use tools
  • Anxiety, depression and seclusion

Those who develop the disease will function worse and worse and finally be completely dependent on assistance. There are no medicines that can halt the development of dementia or treatments that can slow the process. The disease is incurable and in the final instance fatal.

Ignorance, Shame And a Great Need For More Information

Dementia disorders are still associated with ignorance and considerable shame, especially when dementia strikes younger people. The need for information is enormous for those who develop the disease, for their relatives, for the health services and for the society at large.

Low status in medical research

A lack of knowledge about the causes of the disease, its development and forms of treatment partly derives from the lack of high status devoted to dementia disorders in medical research.

The Norwegian National Health Association Dementia Helpline


Target group: relatives

Nasjonalforeningen Demensforbundet is a federation of Norwegian dementia associations for persons with dementia, their relatives and other interested parties.

If you yourself suffer from dementia or are a relative of someone who has dementia, you may join one of the Norwegian National Health Association’s dementia associations. These dementia associations work locally to improve the care of dementia patients in their municipalities, and they arrange discussion groups and other peer-to-peer support groups.

Membership: Contact your nearest dementia association, the county office of the Norwegian National Health Association in your county, or call the Dementia Helpline, tel.: +47 815 33 032.

Information materials can be ordered from the Norwegian National Health Association’s website or from the Dementia Helpline, tel.: +47 815 33 032.

Information, Services, Programmes and Rights


For the use of health professionals:
Training programme and competence building

Ageing and Health Norwegian Centre for Research, Education and Service Development


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