Love is powerful. Once it grabs us, it can shake us to the bone – all the more so when it comes later in life. Serious illness can strike just as suddenly and intensely as love, and we can never be prepared for it, especially if it devastates when we are still young.

MY BELOVED tells the story of two people at the intersection of these two forces. The distinction between past, present, and future is blurred when a 51 year old is diagnosed with Alzheimers disease. There is no map for this territory. Filmmaker Hilde Korsæth has followed this couple through a difficult year, from 2008 till 2009.

”Using an intimate and poetic form, this film conveys a rather difficult personal story in a good and unsentimental way so it touches us all”

Maria Fuglevaag Warsinska-Varsi documentary consultant, Norwegian Film Institute

Jan Henry T. Olsen

Bilde av Jan Henry T. Olsen

was the renowned Minister of Fisheries for the Norwegian Labour Party in the period 1992-96. During the negotiations on a possible Norwegian EU membership in 1994, he earned the nickname “No-fish Olsen” when he vowed that he would not give away a single fish to the EU. In 1997, Jan Henry was voted “the most popular Minister of Fisheries in our time”.

He is still a well-known figure in Norway, especially in his home town of Tromsø. The fact that he went public with his diagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease has not made him any less popular – quite the contrary in fact.

Laila Lanes

Bilde av Jan Henry T. Olsen

is a journalist and duty officer at the Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation’s (NRK) offices in Troms and Finnmark counties. She originally hails from the village of Lyngen in the Nord-Troms district, but she has lived for many years in Tromsø. Laila has worked as a journalist for more than 20 years, and she has also written several books.

In 2006, she married Jan Henry T. Olsen, and she became well-known when she went public with him and explained what it was like living with his Alzheimer’s disease. In 2009, Laila and Jan Henry published the book Skynd deg å elske (Don’t wait to love), which has become a best-seller in Norway.

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